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Our Integrated partnerships

What is unique about our integrated partnerships strategy 

We shaped an integrated international partnership strategy with the main aim of guaranteeing consistent quality in our services to clients. Our clients with international activities wish for well coordinated services which reflect their own corporate structure. This requires auditors and advisers who are intimate with their group requirements regardless of where in the world they operate. We believe our integrated structure offers this consistency and enables direct control over standards by integrating Partners coming from firms who share values that go deeper than cultural differences, who share the same ideas about our profession and the same demanding standards of excellence.


AFRICONSULTING GROUP is patiently and determinedly building a strong international organization of professionals who have also chosen to share the same ambition, strategy and fundamental decisions.



Partnerships: Our Integrated Partnerships

AFRICONSULTING GROUP, with at its head, its dynamic executive director Mr Tona Thiam as well as with other partners, we have been striving for several years through a consortium, to provide innovative and accessible solutions of renewable energies, in particular photovoltaic in African countries.

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