Our Services 

We THINK that every need of each client is unique and deserves a well ELABORATED solution for successful ACTIONS.

AFRICONSULTING GROUP is an innovative consulting firm, attentive to the needs of the client in order to better provide adequate solutions. Whether in terms of mobilizing technical & financial partners for public / private projects, whether for electoral campaigns for the benefit of political leaders or for global business networking, we have the right tools through our expertise and our professionalism that we put at the service of our customers. Discover our services below:


Foreign Direct Investments  - Decentralized International Cooperation / - Local Direct Investments  

• Optimize the Benefits 
• Minimize the Costs

Through a network of technical and financial partners, recognized in their various sectors of  activities ; we bring innovative approaches and solutions to African states for more inclusive, harmonious and sustainable prosperity. 
Thus, on the one hand, whether through PPP (Public Private Partnerships), BOOT (Build Own Operate & Transfer) or BOT (Build Own & Transfer) solutions; we intervene in fields as diverses as they are strategics such as:

• Agriculture 
• Social Housing
• Education 
• Health
• Finance
• Mines
• Oil & Gas ( Up & Downstream) 
• Renewables Energies
• Infrastructures ( roads- Airports - Ports - Railroads )
• Transports ( road - airport - port - railroad)
• Real Estate
• Urbanism
• Tourism
• Music et Movies Industries 
• Mining In-ground Assets Management
 • New Information Technologies
 • Défense & Security ( military & foods )

On the other hand, within the framework of decentralized international cooperation, we also provide twinning solutions between international municipalities in order to contribute to more autonomous, inclusive and sustainable local prosperity.

Ultimately ,at the same time, in order to ensure a partial independence of foreign investments, we provide innovative and endogenous solutions in line with the investment needs of States on the continent, in particular by mobilizing local / internal resources:

• Monetization of mining in-ground assets (Gold - Diamonds - Coltan - Cobalt - Zircon - Copper - Phosphate - Manganese - etc), Deposits (oil - gas).

• Establishment of National Investment Funds that would better: 

* Catalyze foreign directs investments to States. 
* Revitalize their stock markets.
 * Ensure a better investment of national savings.


Political Marketing  

What we do : 

 • Build the brand image of the client-candidate. 
• Develop winning campaign strategies. 
• Media lobbying 
• Political lobbying.
• Fundraising.

At AFRICONSULTING GROUP, we do everything to stay one step ahead. Through renowned partnerships and an experienced team, we generate innovative ideas and implement effective strategies for our clients to reach new heights - and stay there. 

Thus, for almost a decade, we have endeavored to create viral election campaigns for a few politicians but not the least, and this on the scale of the African continent.The reputation of our political consulting firm is based on our infallible ability to take care of everything. We take care not to neglect any detail, from content writing to media kits, in order to always keep the customer at the forefront. 

At AFRICONSULTING Group, we pride ourselves on the quality personalized services we provide to our clients; we focus on boosting brand awareness, and promoting impactful stories. 

 At AFRICONSULTING Group, we believe that meaningful results only come by rolling up our sleeves. This has been our credo since our creation in 2011. We are a political influence consultancy firm, our goal is to help our clients to be known by the right people. Whether at the level of the media or political network, events and fundraising, we have become experts in the art of circulating a brand image. 
We build strong and successful relationships and partnerships with our customers, and we are proud of the heights we climb together.



Global Business 

Our Role :

 • Networking between production and distribution networks .
• Secure sources of supplies .
• Facilitate access to markets. 
• Ensure the formalization of the commercial transaction process.
 • Guarantee the interests of the client and  the supplier by the good control of contracts relating to international trade.

In order to boost trade between African States and between Africa and the rest of the world, we network suppliers & clients and facilitate transactions in sectors such as :
• Raw mineral materials  (rough diamonds - Gold - Phosphate - Coltan - Copper - etc).
• Crude Oil ( BLCO - Rabi - Zephyr light - Basra light) & petroleum by-products (LNG-LPG-AGO-JP54 ) - Gas .
• Oil & Gas Inspection Services .
• Commodities (Rice-Sugar -Urea -etc) .
• Household & industrial equipments (agricultural machinery - etc).