Our Team

We don't take decisions lightly, we are strategic in our work and we are always one step ahead of the competition. Our team is made up of people from different origins & backgrounds, who have the knowledge and experience necessary for the success of each project.

Tona K.E.Thiam

Founder & CEO 

As a Multi-Card Consultant , Tona K. E. Thiam has more than 10 years experiences in the consulting of Foreign Direct Investment , Political Marketing and Global Business . 

Since a decade , Mr Thiam is  the Founder and CEO of AFRICONSULTING GROUP ( a Consulting company) , and Founder  of The Think & Act Tank « AFRICA « ( Alliance des Forces pour la Renaissance Intellectuelle & Culturelle de Af-rui-ka ——- Alliance of Forces for the Rebirth of Intellectual & Cultural Af-rui-ka  ) . 

Mr Thiam’s experience includes International Transactions in such countries as UAE- Senegal - Guinea Conakry - Central Africa Republic - Maroc - Gabon - Equatorial Guinea - Benin - Togo- Ghana- Nigeria  - Ivory Coast - Kenya - Democratic Republic of Congo - Madagascar - USA - China - France -Andorra and others . 

Mr Thiam’s  experience includes being an investment consultant for public/private companies in several projects  ranging from $100M to $10B . He also delivers expertise in investment promotion , business consulting to public / private companies in african countries his company intervenes.

Mr Thiam is recently certified by STANDARD BANK on «  ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT STRATEGIES FOR FAMILY OFFICES & PRIVATE INVESTORS covering the topic of exploring the universe of Alternative Investment Strategies and how investors can maximize portofolio diversification in an increasingly uncertain world . 

He also works with few African political leaders  such as Biram Dah Abeid since 2017 in advising on Political Marketing in the areas of strategies and international affairs . 

Mr Thiam’s  experience includes International Transactions in Ores ( Rough or refined diamonds - Gold - Coltan - Phosphate - Copper , commodities ) , Crude Oil ( BLCO  & Petroleum By-products ( LNG - LPG - JP54 ... ) ...

Mr. Thiam is a man of great modesty who possesses contagious energy, and an enthusiasm for work , which is reflected in his many successes. His knowledge and cross-sector expertise have made him a very valuable leader for our team. 

As Founder & CEO , Mr Thiam strives to dynamize our professional team through his personal  experiences and expertise  combined with the team’s motivations and wide ranging expertises in our diverse sectors of activities  , to make significant contributions to the success of the company's strategies .

Philippe Cruz

 Director of Financial Operations & Business Development 

Mr Cruz has more than 25 years in financial Operations  & Business development as consultant for companies in Spain - France - EU and in some African countries .
Mr Cruz wide experiences in his field is highly important and contribute a lot for our company.

Pape El Hadj Mane 

Associate Consultant  - Oil and Gas Inspection Services . 

Mr Mane has more than 20 years experience in oil & gas inspection services as Superintendent at PETRO-SERVICES . 
He intervenes in Quantity and quality inspections on vessels loading and discharging petroleum cargoes - crude oil -chemical products and liquefied gases.

He also spearheads STS operations - Bunker survey - Crude Oil Washing monitoring  - Cargo dying - additivation - Loss control consultant - Storage audit - Stock of goods inventory.
Mr Mane’s main experiences also include Marseille, Fos, Lavera and Sete Harbour agreed chemist surveyor - Liquefied gases instructor - World-wide superintendence.

Countries covered by his intervention are France - Germany - Belgium - Netherland - Spain - Greece - Slovenia - Italy - Croatia - Cyprus - Malta - United Kingdom - Senegal ans others .

Al Assane Sall

Senior Consultant - Gas & Oilfield Services and Renewable Energies Expert / Project Manager Prince 2 Practitioner Certified 

With more than 15 years of experiences in oil & gas upstream engineering, Mr Sall intervenes on petroleum platforms in countries sus as Angola - Republic of Congo - Nigeria and others .
 During his career , Mr Sall has represented interests of several companies in the oil sector such as Aliberton whose project he was monitoring in Senegal Initially as Director of Operations and then as Senior Project Manager SEPCO Senegal .

Mr Sall expertise includes : 

•High QHSE Culture in Oilfield Industry 
•IWCF Well Control Certificate - Well Interventions - Supervisory Level 4 , May 2015
•Well Completion Equipments & Operations
•Workover on Light Intervention Vessels 
•Coil Tubing & Stimulation
•Coil Tubing Tractor Job Designs & Supervisions
•Wireline Tool Conveyance : Downhole Tractor Technology
•Downhole Mechanical Intervention: Fishing - Shifting - Milling - Cleaning - Severing 
•Ballistic Operations : Perforating - Pipe Recovery - Plug Setting 
•Slickline Operations on Highly Deviated & Horizontal Wells 
•Personnal management - Coaching - Mentoring & Training
•Renewable Energies : Solar & Wind Plants 
•Solar Pumping and Irrigation specialist 
•Solar PPA - BOOT Manager 
•Budget Management 

Dr Luis Costa Bonino

Associate Director - Political Marketing 

Mr Dr Luis Costa Bonino is Founder and CEO of LCB MARKETING POLITIQUE and for almost a decade Dr. Luis Costa Bonino is our associate Director in Political Marketing and holds a Doctorate in Political Science from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris , Sciences-Po Paris. He worked for President François Mitterrand during the 1987-1988 election campaign. 

He was also the political advisor to José "Pepe" Mujica President of Uruguay and President Ollanta Humala of Peru, among other presidents or presidential candidates. 
He works as Political Advisor and Electoral Campaign Strategist in the Americas, Europe and West Africa.
With Dr LCB, we work to support leaders, in particular the new generation of leaders, to reach a new era of political, economic and social development in their countries.

Patrick Ibinga

Executive Board Member /Senior Advising Consultant —— Global Multi-specialty-strategy Private Equity Investment and Asset Management 

Mr Patrick Ibinga is our Executive Board Member since the last decade .Through his experience, background and knowledge, he has been instrumental in building viable bridges between Africa, and America/Asia/Middle East/Europe by originating, facilitating, and arranging several hundred millions of US dollars of trade and direct investment targeting a broad range of projects in the areas of mining, oil & gas, commodity trading, renewable energies, public infrastructure, logistics & transportation, real estate, telecommunication & ITC, agriculture & food security, consumer & retail goods, tourism & leisure, and banking & financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa from first contacts to first contracts to project implementation.

Mr Patrick Ibinga experiences include but are not limited to: Strategy & Risk Management (trade/investment advisory, sector mapping and market entry, scenario planning, business development support); Business Intelligence (issue-specific briefings, and political risk assessments, due diligence investigations, post-transaction investigations); Stakeholder Engagement (stakeholder mapping, solving problems, non-litigious dispute resolution, advocacy, and leader watch) and Project Management.

With his expertise in Economic Diplomacy & International Business Development, and his deep relationships at the level of the US Executive Government - the US Congress - NGOs - Private renowned Companies across the United States, Mr. Patrick Ibinga brings to our team his cultural knowledge of business in the USA when it comes to projects in Africa in which we take part in partnership with American companies, in order to be more effecient and assure to our Clients long-term strategy and effective prioritization of their allocation of resources for realize their long-term value and obtain a sustainable competitive advantage, in return, for their customers and shareholders when it comes to private companies and populations when it comes to public projects.

Mr Patrick G. Ibinga, is also Managing Partner at Ogooué (Ogowe) Global LLC (http://www.ogooueglobal.emmanet.net/  ) and an advising consultant to several global multi-specialty-strategy private equity investment and asset management firms as well as other various business executives from across the economic & social spectrum including trade & investment promotion agencies and/or economic development agencies in America, Asia, Europe, and Africa over 15 years.