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Our Team

We don't take decisions lightly, we are strategic in our work and we are always one step ahead of the competition. Our team is made up of people from different origins & backgrounds, who have the knowledge and experience necessary for the success of each project.

Executive Management : Executive Management

Tona K.E.Thiam

Founder & CEO 

As a Multi-Card Consultant , Tona K. E. Thiam has more than 10 years experiences in the consulting of Foreign Direct Investment , Political Marketing and Global Business . 


Since more than a decade , Mr Thiam is  the Founder and CEO of AFRICONSULTING GROUP ( a Consulting company) , and Founder  of The Think & Act Tank"AFRICA" ( Alliance des Forces pour la Renaissance Intellectuelle & Culturelle de Af-rui-ka ——Alliance of Forces for the Renaissance of Intellectual & Cultural Af-rui-ka  ) . 


Mr Thiam’s experience includes International Transactions in such countries as UAE- Senegal - Guinea Conakry - Central Africa Republic - Maroc - Gabon - Equatorial Guinea - Benin - Togo- Ghana- Nigeria  - Ivory Coast - Kenya - Democratic Republic of Congo - Madagascar - USA - China - France -Andorra and others . 


Mr Thiam’s  experience includes being an investment consultant for public/private companies in several projects  ranging from $100M to $10B . He also delivers expertise in investment promotion , business consulting to public / private companies in african countries his company intervenes.


Mr Thiam is recently certified by STANDARD BANK on «  ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT STRATEGIES FOR FAMILY OFFICES & PRIVATE INVESTORS covering the topic of exploring the universe of Alternative Investment Strategies and how investors can maximize portofolio diversification in an increasingly uncertain world . 


He also works with few African political leaders  such as Biram Dah Abeid since 2017 in advising on Political Marketing in the areas of strategies and international affairs . 


Mr Thiam’s  experience includes International Transactions in Ores ( Rough or refined diamonds - Gold - Coltan - Phosphate - Copper , commodities ) , Crude Oil ( BLCO  & Petroleum By-products ( LNG - LPG - JP54 ... ) ...


Mr. Thiam is a man of great modesty who possesses contagious energy, and an enthusiasm for work , which is reflected in his many successes. His knowledge and cross-sector expertise have made him a very valuable leader for our team. 

As Founder & CEO , Mr Thiam strives to dynamize our professional team through his personal  experiences and expertise  combined with the team’s motivations and wide ranging expertises in our diverse sectors of activities  , to make significant contributions to the success of the company's strategies .

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